Finding a Professional Hair and Make Up Artist for Photo Shoots

The easiest way to find a professional hair and/or make up artist is to do an internet search using the terms “find make up artist” or “find hair stylist.” You will get tons of results for various online databases of such professionals. Most of which allow you to link out to the artist’s personal webpage or online portfolio to see some of their work. Each database usually also lists how many years of experience each artist has had, what kind of training they have had, any specialties they offer and any noteworthy clients or contracts they have had. Some of the databases list each artist’s pricing for services, while some do not. In this case you will have to check out the artist’s website or contact them directly.

Another way you can find make up artists or hair stylists in your area that are available for photography work is by checking local classified ads online. You can check the “services offered” section or post your own add asking for professional make up or hairstyling services for your photo shoot. In many of these situations you can offer to barter with the artists. Some artists, specially those artists new to the profession, need professional photos of their work to add into their portfolio. If you offer to give them a few shots for their own use, they may be more likely to give you a great discount, and sometimes they might not even charge you at all.

One way you can continually have a great selection of make up artists and hair stylists is to network. Networking is a great way to build up a collection of various professionals that offer services you need. In these professional relationships each party helps each other in some way so that you save money and build relationships that will help you in the future. It is also a great way to get more photography jobs and get your work into the hands of more people. So to find make up artists and hairstylists through networking, first contact anyone you know personally or professionally that might know a professional make up artist or hair stylist.

If you cannot come up with anyone, try to visit a professional event hosted by and for those professional artists. Here you can introduce yourself as a photographer and hopefully work up at deal with a professional artist. There are also companies that manage a group of these artists, so conventions or other meetings are a great place to get connected with these companies as well. Another great place to expand your network is to attend fashion shows, model casting calls or other events where make up artists and hairstylists connect with models. You may be able to get a model and a make up artist and/or hair stylist all in the same place.

Your last option would be to forgo getting a professional make up artist all together and learn the skills yourself. Keep in mind that even if a model is wearing make up, about half of its appearance will be diminished when photographed. It is also important to use professional grade make up, made especially for photography and the lighting that goes with it. The materials needed can get quite pricey so if you won’t be using a lot of people in your photographs, it might be more well worth it to hire a professional artist or invest your time in editing any blemishes in the photos after you take them.

Professional looking hairstyles for your models can also be done without hiring a professional. You could ask your model to visit a hairstylist at a local salon and cover the cost. Almost any stylist at a salon can create a beautiful hairstyle following any specifics you might have based on the theme of your photo shoot. There are a lot of stylists out there that will be happy to bargain with you to offer free hairstyling services in exchange for free photographs of their work.